I have known this little Angel Asawari since she was a tiny tot. As she grew, an exceptional artist also grew within her. She was a very mature child for her age. It showed in her music. Listening to her sing, I often used to wonder where this power and energy emanated from. MUSIC is the perfect medium for keeping her precious memory alive. I am certain that the foundation will grow in strength and stature in its endeavor to locate and recognise hundreds of Asawaris in India.
-Hariharan, Padma Shri Awardee Singer

Asawari Music Foundation (AMF) is a nonprofit organization that promotes excellence in western music among children and teens in India.

It was founded by Coonoor residents Deepa Jacob and Jacob K Joy in 2013, 6 months after they lost their musically gifted 15-year-old daughter Asawari to leukemia. Even through her darkest hours, Asawari would constantly sing and play the piano. She would always strive to sharpen her skills, and would pick tougher and tougher songs to master. In other words, she constantly tried to “outperform” herself.

After Asawari’s passing, a close friend of the family suggested that it was important to channel the grief and focus on the positive aspects of the talented girl’s story. It was then that Deepa and Jacob decided to set up AMF. Their vision was to immortalize Asawari’s passion for music by giving encouragement and support to talented youngsters so that they could reach their musical goals.

AMF’s Objectives

  • Promote musical talent and skill among children and teens in India
  • Provide professional training and technical assistance in music to deserving candidates
  • Provide financial grants and scholarships to deserving candidates who wish to pursue higher studies in music
  • Arrange fund raising events, with both public and private sponsorship support
  • Encourage an intellectual and cultural environment that is reflective of our society’s musical heritage
  • Organize musical workshops, seminars, and concerts
  • Organize an award ceremony to recognize talented artists who have served the music industry

About Asawari

On 4th April 1997, at Kerala, a little girl who exhibited an exceptional ear for music was born to Deepa and Jacob. Gifted with an amazing voice to match, the kid welcomed the world with music and a smile. She was named Asawari, after the most beautiful Raga in Hindustani music.