On 4th April 1997, at Kerala, a little girl who exhibited an exceptional ear for music was born to Deepa and Jacob. Gifted with an amazing voice to match, the kid welcomed the world with music and a smile. She was named Asawari, after the most beautiful Raga in Hindustani music.

Asawari enjoyed a normal life in her first few years, with a lot of joyful singing, laughing, and skipping. It was not long before her talent in music came to be recognized by her teachers. She started performing at various music concerts and won many awards for her singing. Music became her prime focus in life. One day, she shared her dream of pursuing music with her mother Deepa. Encouraging Asawari’s desire to the fullest, Deepa started working on building a musical career for her daughter; traveling from Coonoor to Bangalore in search of the right trainer to teach Asawari classical music.

Asawari continued spreading joy with her singing talent…Music became her life. She dreamt of traveling the world with her music. Every morning, Asawari would wake up at the crack of sunrise to hone her singing skills. One morning, while practicing the piano, she felt a little feverish, but ignored it and continued to play on. On 16th December 2007, after two days of high fever, Asawari was taken to Vellore Medical College for a check-up. There she was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.

Deepa and Jacob were devastated, but they were determined to fight the battle for their daughter. They took Asawari all the way to Germany so that she may receive the most cutting-edge treatment. Even when her body was wrecked with medicines, Asawari rose above everything to enjoy her eternal love for music. As her body weakened, music became her only relief. It was two days before her first transplant that Asawari received an offer to sing at Tubengin Children Hospital, Germany, with a musical group. There she enthralled everyone with her heart-wrenching rendition of Josh Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up’. The video of this performance went viral on the internet, receiving more than 5,00,000 hits.

The transplant at Germany was declared successful, and Asawari returned to Coonoor happily with her parents. Soon she was back to her normal life; enjoying her school, singing, and piano. One day, Ms Neecia Majolly, a renowned singer from Bangalore, heard Asawari singing, and decided to take her on as her student. Asawari proved to be a fast and dedicated learner.

On 31st July 2011, Asawari fell ill again and was advised to undergo a second transplant. She returned to Germany, where she got to meet opera trainer Gabriela, who taught her some amazing opera numbers within days. Miraculously, the second transplant was also declared successful, and Asawari returned home. On her return, she entertained her school friends with Leann Rimes’ emotional song “How Do I Live Without You’. Unfortunately, this was to be the last song that Asawari would ever perform. A few days later, she contracted high fever and had to be admitted to the ICU, where she silently suffered for weeks as life drained out of her body. On 7th October 2012, Asawari passed away.

A melodious soul to the fullest, Asawari will always be an inspiration and will forever be remembered for lifting herself above all barriers to pursue her dreams of music.